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Hawkfield Gallery Fine Arts Consultants - Our Services



About the Gallery

Consignments are accepted, and we sell our own art acquisitions. The list of artists we seek appears below. We are happy to evaluate works by other artists. Putting a value on artwork can be a subjective process. Using a sales comparison approach, we consider recent auction results when determining the fair market value of artwork.

If needed, we do not hesitate to seek a second opinion from an independent consultant when determining the value of a consigned piece. Given our low overhead costs, our gallery prices and our fees are very competitive.

We frequent antique shops, art and antiques shows and auctions. Contact us if you need assistance in tracking down an item of interest, or if you would like us to bid on your behalf at auction. Our fees are on a sliding scale, based on the value of the item being consigned or purchased at auction.

The Gallery:

The Gallery is located on a scenic route in a shore town halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. Housed in an 1850's farmhouse, the gallery space was a tearoom, craft shop and lending library in the 1920's. The farmhouse and surrounding acreage, abutting the historic North River, operated as a dairy farm until 1967. When you visit, plan to enjoy a walk along miles of woodland trails leading to a pier on the river, or continue on to one of the many galleries, antique shops, or historic sites in the South Shore's Plymouth County. Please visit our links page for more information about interesting places to visit in our area. Hawkfield Gallery is open by appointment, year-round.

Artists we seek and represent:

Barye, Antoine-Louis

Benson, Frank

Blackstone, Jess

Bradford, William

Britcher, Alfred Thompson

Clem, Robert Verity

Coleman, John

Crowell, A. Elmer

Dallin, Cyrus

Demetropoulos, Charles Peter

Ennecking, John J.

Finney, Frank

Footer, David A.

Goodacre, Glenna

Goodwin, Authur Cliffton

Hadwick, Melbourne

Hart, Charles

Horton, William Samual

Kauka, William J.


Kenneth (Ken)

Kronberg, Louis

Lamb, F. M.

Lever, Haley

MacKnight, Dodge

O'Donnell, Karie

Pearson, Margarite

Peterson, Jane

Ripley, A. L.

Seysses, Auguste

Sheperd, Clinton

Sontag, W. L. Sr.

Stevens, W. Lester

Swan, John

Thompson, Roy

Voorhees, Clark

White, Winsor

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