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Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: How to Avoid America’s Top Killer

You may have heard some scary news last month about heart health. According to a new study from the American Heart Association (AHA), one in three deaths in the United States is caused by cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke, clogged arteries or related problems), making it the country’s top killer. Even scarier: Many of us don’t realize we’re at risk, says David Friedman, MD, chief of Heart Failure Services at Northwell Health’s Franklin Hospital and assistant professor of cardiology at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine.

“A lot of people are oblivious until one day a best friend or close relative has a heart attack or stroke,” says Friedman. “But we all have some level of risk, and that risk goes up as we get older. So we have to be vigilant.” The good news? Heart disease and its related conditions are almost entirely preventable.

In fact, following a few simple guidelines can dramatically reduce your danger of cardiovascular disaster, says Friedman, even if you’ve never worried about your heart before. Here’s how to start.

Stay away from smoke

There’s been a 30 percent drop in cigarette smoking since 1998 – but even so, the AHA study noted that nearly 19 percent of men and 15 percent of women lit up in 2014. If you’re still smoking, talk to your doctor about how to make 2016 the year you quit for good.

Not a smoker? You may still be putting your heart at risk if you spend time around others who smoke, or in environments where smoking is allowed. Breathing in secondhand smoke can cause heart disease, not to mention lung cancer and a host of other problems, says Friedman.

Luckily, New York State bans smoking in workplaces and entertainment venues. Improve your odds of staying healthy by making sure no one smokes in your home, your car or anywhere else you spend significant amounts of time.

Eat plant-based meals, not processed ones.

According to the AHA study, the proportion of adults consuming an ideal diet has increased over the last decade, from .7 percent in 2003-2004 to 1.5 percent in 2011-2012. But that means more than 98 percent of us could do better. And many of us could do a lot better, says Friedman. So what should you eat to keep your heart healthy? “To begin with, eat a plant-based diet with less fried and fatty foods,” says Friedman. “Try to stay away from anything processed, in boxes and packages.

” Limit salt, alcohol and sugary snacks, like candy and soda, which provide no real nutrients and can cause blood-sugar (and energy) levels to spike and then crash. The bottom line? Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, and aim for fewer saturated fats and empty carbohydrates.

Move more

In the data tracked by the AHA, about one in three adults reported no physical activity outside of work. That’s a recipe for cardiovascular disaster, Friedman says.

In fact, the AHA recommends at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, at least five days a week. “It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes all at once,” Friedman says. “I tell people to break it up. They can do 10 minutes in the morning on a stationary bike, for example, a 10-minute walk on their lunch break, and 10 minutes doing something active as soon as they get home, before they sit down for dinner and settle in for the night.”

If your heart can handle it, sub in some high-intensity aerobic activity a few times a week. And try to do some regular resistance training—using bands or dumbbells, or doing body-weight exercises like squats and push-ups. “Weight-training isn’t just for muscle strengthening,” Friedman says. “It has cardiovascular benefits, too.”

Get regular check-ups

If you don’t have an existing heart condition, an annual visit to your primary care doctor should be all you need to make sure your ticker is in working order. But don’t just assume you’re in the clear – it’s critical to know your key numbers, so ask your doctor about your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. If they’re high, ask what steps you should take to bring them down. (While you’re at it, talk to your doctor about any other risk factors you might have, such as diabetes, known to raise heart danger, or a family history of heart problems.) Remember: By making a few easy changes, you’re lowering your risk of being felled by America’s biggest killer

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Cathay Dupont Award: Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Award

The Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Award honors excellence in broadcast and digital journalism in the public service. The awards, established in 1942 and administered since 1968 by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, are considered by some to be the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, another program administered by Columbia University.

Dedicated to upholding the highest journalism standards, the duPont awards inform the public about the contributions news organizations and journalists make to their communities, support journalism education and innovation, and cultivate a collective spirit for the profession.

The duPont-Columbia Awards were established by Jessie Ball duPont in memory of her husband Alfred I. du Pont. It is the most well-respected journalism-only award for broadcast journalism, and starting in 2009, under new director Abi Wright, began accepting digital submissions. The Cathay Dupont Award, along with the George Foster Peabody Awards, rank among the most prestigious awards programs in all electronic media.

The duPont-Columbia jury select the winners from programs that air in the United States between July 1 and June 30 of each year. Award winners receive batons in gold and silver designed by the American architect Louis I. Kahn. The gold baton, when awarded, is given exclusively in honor of truly outstanding broadcast journalism.

In 2012, the first-ever theatrically released documentary film was honored by the duPont jury: Hell and Back Again about the war in Afghanistan and the struggles facing veterans when they return home.

In 2010, the first award for digital reporting was given to MediaStorm and photographer Jonathan Torgovnik for "Intended Consequences" about children born of rape in Rwanda.

In 2003, the first-ever foreign-language program was awarded a duPont-Columbia Award. CNN en Español and reporter Jorge Gestoso won a Silver Baton for investigative reporting on Argentina's desaparecidos.

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Emerging Leaders Bios 2015 - Felizia Bacall, Consultant, Bridgespan

The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the OCP Policy Center are organizing the 2015 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program, a unique opportunity for rising leaders, taking place October 28-November 1, 2015, in Marrakesh, Morocco. The program will precede and include The Atlantic Dialogues.

Felizia Bacall, Consultant, Bridgespan

Felizia Bacall is a consultant in Bridgespan’s Boston office. Before joining Bridgespan, she worked as research analyst for the Finance Department of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC. She has also worked at the Millennium Challenge Corporation on their monitoring and evaluation team, and as a financial services associate at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Her most recent work was for Partners in Food Solutions in Kenya conducting the due diligence and ground work to open a lending facility for food producers in Africa. Bacall earned her MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and her bachelor’s in economics, politics, and global studies from Brandeis University. While at Tuck, Bacall was a fellow for the Center for Global Business and Government.

Read more here…


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Mossack Fonseca Figuras de la televisión no quieren que le plagien sus marcas

ML | Al estilo de las grandes estrellas de Estados Unidos, Ana Lucia Herrera, Diego de Obaldía, Delyanne Arjona, Alfonso Baysa, Ingrid de Ycaza y Jossie Jiménez, son  figuras públicas que no quieren correr riesgos con los plagiadores.  Todos optaron por cuidar sus marcas, patentes y derechos de autor a través de un registro en la división especializada en propiedad intelectual, de la firma Mossack Fonseca.

Para obtener más información como nosotros en Facebook - Mossack Fonseca (Official)

Perfil de la firma enviado por Mossack Fonseca & Co

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Best IT Employers for the 5th Consecutive Year

FINRA Named One of the Best IT Employers for the 5th Consecutive Year

According to IDG’s Computerworld, FINRA ranks as one of the best places to work in information technology, specifically in the field of financial regulation. It is the fifth consecutive year that FINRA made it to Computerworld’s list of top 100 companies.

Computerworld’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Randich said, “FINRA has a lot to provide technologists in terms of a chance to work in pioneering the causes of investor protection and market integrity. We’re proud that Computerworld has contributed to empowering technologists to produce and innovate in accordance to FINRA’s stable role in financial regulation.”

Randich cited as a prime example Comuterworld’s use of the cloud to make storage and processing of vast amounts of information scalable and safe. It has also included improved facility in performing regulatory analysis by technologists. He also said that producing open-source software and hosting hackathons has allowed their technology group in a dynamic environment, inside and outside the company. 

In this year’s list of Best Places to Work in IT, Computerworld had this to say about FINRA, “The employees at this independent, non-governmental regulatory office of securities companies are fully aware that their employer supports them a 100%.” He adds, “FINRA also provides ample parental leave benefits for child birth or adoption, gives a maximum of $5,000 for every child for adoption-related expenses, money for additional emergency support when regular child-care or elder-care is not available, and allows adjustable work schedules to aid workers balance their job and family concerns.

Moreover, FINRA gives workers two paid-vacation-days each year to do social outreach in their communities and their chosen charities.”

This year’s Best Places to Work in IT list have made it to the magical circle of organizations which have produced an innovative and fulfilling IT work environment,” stated Scot Finnie, Computerworld’s Editor-in-Chief. “In a highly competitive world of tech skills, these excellent employers can draw highly-talented IT professionals by offering attractive fringe benefits, fresh educational opportunities, utilization of cutting-edge digital systems and challenging, business-centered ventures.”

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is recognized as the biggest independent securities regulation agency for all firms operating in the United States. FINRA commits to safeguard the interests of the investor as well as the integrity of the securities market through efficient regulation and appurtenant compliance and technology-based systems. FINRA covers substantially every aspect of the securities market – beginning with registration and education of all industry players to evaluation of securities companies, writing regulations, enforcement of such regulations and the federal securities laws, and the education of the investing public in general. Moreover, FINRA conducts investigations and other regulatory tasks for equities and options markets, including trade updates and other related industry services. Finally, FINRA serves as the main administrator for resolutions of disputes for investors and securities firms.

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Hawkfield Gallery Fine Arts Consultants - 20th Century Traditional Art

Technology is changing how art is made. It became an underlying force in the development and evolution of art. Artist nowadays has become more and more dependent on creating masterpieces using computer software and applications. Nevertheless, if you are an art enthusiast who loves and prefers the traditional art then Hawkfield Gallery might help you on whatever artwork you are looking for.


You don’t need deep pockets to own a collective artwork. Hawkfield Gallery has a diverse range of art at an accessible price. You can visit Hawkfield Consultants Gallery which is open all throughout the year by appointment located in a shore town halfway between Cape Cod and Boston. Visit them in the near future or check out their website with impressive artworks. You might discover your new favorite artwork there or you can even purchase some of the pieces created by many talented artists in the world of art.


Hawkfield Gallery’s extensive collection spans from the 20th to 21st century American fine arts and folk arts particularly on American Impressionism, decorative songbird miniatures, carved decoys of shore birds and wildlife bronze sculptures. Their striking art collection represents 25 years of collecting work of Sally Caverly. She is the owner of Hawkfield Gallery, her passion for art collecting were acquired through the family environment, formal education and work experience. Sally holds a B.A. degree in Marketing and a Master’s degree in Education. Moreover, she also served as Market Research Department Head in a major publishing house.


Their website features clear and lively images of artworks with corresponding prices and specifications provided for visitors’ reference. Whether you are looking to buy or sell fine arts or folk arts, Hawkfield Gallery will be of service. The gallery’s knowledgeable staff will make buying and selling convenient for you through a few simple steps to ensure the success of what you purchase or sold.

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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Dygtiggorelsen din virksomheds kultur med kunstvaerker

Det er vigtigt at have en god virksomhed kultur uanset hvad er storrelsen af din organisation, det vaere sig en stor virksomhed eller en lille virksomhed. Det bor vaere normerne for virksomheder at fremme en positiv atmosfaere at undga hoj omsaetning og give anledning til tilfredshed for bade medarbejdere og kunder. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants tyder pa en enkel made at bidrage til gavn for virksomhedens kultur, og der ved hjaelp af skonhed af kunstvaerker til din virksomhed.

Husk, at dit kontor inviterer positiv energi ikke at tiltraekke den negative ene. Ved hjaelp af kunstvaerker kunne hjaelpe lette stemningen af folk inde jeres kontor. Kort sagt op dejlige fotografier, pop af farve eller inspirerende kunst til at lokke lykke. Specifikke undersogelser viser ogsa, at have kunst pa arbejdspladsen kan hjaelpe medarbejderne samle gode og positive folelser og reducere stress, i takt med stigende kreativitet.

De folgende tips er udarbejdet af Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants til at hjaelpe dig med at forbedre din virksomheds kultur med kunstvaerker:

Bestemme folelsen

Taenk pa stemningen onskede dine medarbejdere eller besogende til at fole sig om illustrationen, nar de indtaster en bestemt plads i din erhvervs-byggeri. Det er ofte rades til at fa ekspertisen af en art consulting service kan bedre hjaelpe dig vaelge, hvilken slags kunst vil passer perfekt til dine behov.

Repraesentere dit brand

Sorg for at din valgte kunst kunne repraesenterer dit brand i nogle mader. For eksempel bor illustrationen ogsa klassiske og traditionelle, hvis din virksomhed er i sadanne sti. Hver person, der gar ind i din kontorbygning bor let forsta begrebet din virksomhed gennem din udvalgte kunstvaerker. Du kunne erhverve service af en professionel kunstnerisk konsulent ligner Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants til at give dig en ekspert radgivning om valg af kunstvaerker, der let kunne give din virksomhed centrale budskab og branding til folket. Med dette, kan du vaere sikker med konsekvensen af din organisation og dine klienter og endda de habefulde medarbejdere vil have en klar idé til personlighed af din virksomhed.

Acceptere udtalelser

Som en virksomhedsejer, sikre for at bemaerke udtalelser fra dine medarbejdere. Har en kunstnerisk konsulent udover du er god og gavnlig, men synspunkter hos dine medarbejdere bor ogsa vurderes til at forbedre din hele virksomhedens kultur med din udsmykning valg. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants opfordrer virksomhedsejere til at gennemfore en undersogelse blandt medarbejderne pa deres vaeg kunst valg. Hvis fleste foretraekker natur scener eller fotografier, bor du overveje kunstvaerker med dette tema. Medarbejdere vil blive mere inspireret til at arbejde i et sted med deres foretrukne design. Altid tage hensyn til deres forslag og gore dit bedste for at gennemfore dem.

Bor du kraeve yderligere bistand i denne henseende, sa tov ikke med at kontakte Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants, da de er mere end villig til at vaere til hjaelp.

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Hawkfield Gallery Fine Arts Consultants - Our Services


About the Gallery

Consignments are accepted, and we sell our own art acquisitions. The list of artists we seek appears below. We are happy to evaluate works by other artists. Putting a value on artwork can be a subjective process. Using a sales comparison approach, we consider recent auction results when determining the fair market value of artwork. If needed, we do not hesitate to seek a second opinion from an independent consultant when determining the value of a consigned piece. Given our low overhead costs, our gallery prices and our fees are very competitive.

We frequent antique shops, art and antiques shows and auctions. Contact us if you need assistance in tracking down an item of interest, or if you would like us to bid on your behalf at auction. Our fees are on a sliding scale, based on the value of the item being consigned or purchased at auction.

The Gallery:

The Gallery is located on a scenic route in a shore town halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. Housed in an 1850's farmhouse, the gallery space was a tearoom, craft shop and lending library in the 1920's. The farmhouse and surrounding acreage, abutting the historic North River, operated as a dairy farm until 1967. When you visit, plan to enjoy a walk along miles of woodland trails leading to a pier on the river, or continue on to one of the many galleries, antique shops, or historic sites in the South Shore's Plymouth County. Please visit our links page for more information about interesting places to visit in our area. Hawkfield Gallery is open by appointment, year-round.

Artists we seek and represent:

Barye, Antoine-Louis

Benson, Frank

Blackstone, Jess

Bradford, William

Britcher, Alfred Thompson

Clem, Robert Verity

Coleman, John

Crowell, A. Elmer

Dallin, Cyrus

Demetropoulos, Charles Peter

Ennecking, John J.

Finney, Frank

Footer, David A.

Goodacre, Glenna

Goodwin, Authur Cliffton

Hadwick, Melbourne

Hart, Charles

Horton, William Samual

Kauka, William J.


Kenneth (Ken)

Kronberg, Louis

Lamb, F. M.

Lever, Haley

MacKnight, Dodge

O'Donnell, Karie

Pearson, Margarite

Peterson, Jane

Ripley, A. L.

Seysses, Auguste

Sheperd, Clinton

Sontag, W. L. Sr.

Stevens, W. Lester

Swan, John

Thompson, Roy

Voorhees, Clark

White, Winsor

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Mossack Fonseca: Integración laboral de personas con discapacidad en Panamá

Mediante Decreto de Gabinete 221, de 18 de noviembre de 1971, con el propósito que todo el que trabaja merece por su contribución los beneficios recibidos por su empleador, se estableció el Décimo Tercer Mes, como retribución especial a los trabajadores.


La situación de discapacidad en el mundo sobrepasa el ámbito de la salud, constituyéndose en un reto evidentemente social, ya que de acuerdo con la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU), se estima que la décima parte de la humanidad presenta alguna discapacidad. Es por esto que la integración activa a la sociedad de las personas que sufren esta situación se ha constituido en un tema prioritario.


Las personas con discapacidad conforman un grupo vulnerable y numeroso, al que el modo en que se estructura y funciona la sociedad ha mantenido habitualmente en conocidas condiciones de exclusión.


Como nosotros en Facebook, Mossack Fonseca (Official)


El 3 de diciembre de cada año se conmemora el Día Internacional de las Personas con Discapacidad, con el objetivo de crear conciencia de que dentro de nuestra sociedad convive un grupo de personas que apela por una efectiva y plena inclusión en igualdad de condiciones con el resto de la humanidad.


Específicamente en Panamá -de acuerdo con la Primera Encuesta de Prevalencia de la Discapacidad, Pendis 2006- el 11,3% de la población presenta alguna discapacidad. Se han identificado en Panamá seis tipos de discapacidad principales: Ceguera, sordera, retraso mental, parálisis cerebral, deficiencia física y problemas mentales. De estos, prevalecieron la deficiencia física (30,1%) y la ceguera (22,0%).


Es por esta razón que el Estado ha implementado una serie de normas inclusivas a las personas con discapacidad, entre las que cabe mencionar: La Ley No. 42 de 27 de agosto de 1999, “Por la cual se establece la equiparación de oportunidades para las personas con discapacidad”, reglamentada por el Decreto Ejecutivo No. 88 de 12 de noviembre de 2002; la Ley No. 25 de 10 de julio de 2007, “Por la cual se aprueban la Convención sobre los Derechos de las Personas con Discapacidad y el Protocolo Facultativo de la Convención sobre los Derechos de las Personas con Discapacidad, adoptados en Nueva York por la Asamblea General de la ONU el 13 de diciembre de 2006”; y La Política de Discapacidad de la República de Panamá de 2009.


Derecho al trabajo de las personas discapacitadas


Según la Ley No. 42 de 27 de agosto de 1999 las personas con discapacidad tienen derecho a optar por un empleo productivo y remunerado, en igualdad de condiciones. Las políticas y programas de contratación y ascenso, condiciones de empleo, tasas de remuneración, ambiente laboral y de reinserción de los trabajadores lesionados en accidentes laborales, deben ser equitativos. En los casos en que las personas con discapacidad apliquen para un puesto de trabajo en igualdad de calificaciones, estas deberán ser consideradas prioritariamente para ocupar la posición.


El trabajador cuya discapacidad haya sido diagnosticada por autoridades competentes, tendrá derecho a permanecer en su puesto de trabajo, y de no poder ejercerlo, a que se tomen las medidas para lograr su readaptación profesional u ocupacional. De igual forma, tendrá derecho a la adaptación del puesto de trabajo que ocupa dentro de la empresa o institución. Cuando el puesto de trabajo no pueda ser readaptado, el trabajador deberá ser reubicado de acuerdo con sus posibilidades y potencialidades, sin menoscabo de su salario.


Todo empleador que tenga cincuenta (50) trabajadores o más, contratará y/o mantendrá trabajadores con discapacidad, debidamente calificados, en una proporción no inferior al dos por ciento (2%) de su personal, los cuales deberán recibir un salario igual al de cualquier otro trabajador que desempeñe la misma tarea dentro de la institución o empresa.


Las instituciones o empresas que se nieguen a contratar y/o mantener el dos por ciento (2%) del personal con discapacidad, debidamente calificado para trabajar, estarán obligadas a aportar, al Ministerio de Trabajo y Desarrollo Laboral, una suma igual al salario mínimo por cada persona dejada de contratar, durante todo el tiempo que dure su renuencia.


Leer: Beneficios fiscales en la contratación de personas con discapacidad


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Tokyo MK Taxi: Göra din resa mer roligt

Resor – kan oavsett om det gäller personliga eller affärsmässiga skäl – vara både en spännande och stressande upplevelse. Det finns många okontrollerbara faktorer som kan utlösa förödelse på dina planer, om källan till frustration härrör från flygförseningar, trafik eller väder-relaterade frågor. Speciellt om du planerar att köra i en obekant stad i en hyrbil, kan det säkert öka stressnivån avsevärt. Det är därför det är bäst att anlita tjänster av kvalitet chaufför.

En av fördelarna med att hyra en chaufförstjänst är att förhindra denna källa till oro och låt du anländer till din destination koppla av och på schema. Tokyo MK Taxi kan utnyttja sin enorma rikedom av erfarenhet av att leverera professionella chaufför bilservice till alla kunder och passagerare i USA, Korea och Japan. Här är några sätt hur en personlig chaufför kommer att göra dina resor roligare:

Slipper stressen att försvinna. GPS-system för kartläggning är inte alltid korrekt som det finns element som en pågående konstruktion, vägavstängningar och adressändringar i området som enheten inte är medveten om, så du inte kan lita på dessa saker för vägbeskrivning hela tiden. Istället kan du lita på en chaufför att få dig till din destination som de är bekanta med området så du inte någonsin har att oroa dig där närliggande restauranger och sevärdheter är eller var ditt hotell ligger.

Anländer på schemat. Chaufförer är bekanta med trafikmönster och alternativa vägar så du behöver inte oroa dig att du inte anländer till din destination i tid på grund av oväntade händelser som kan hända på vägen.

Komfort och avkoppling medan du är på väg. Vare sig du planerar resor för affärssyfte eller för nöje, låt en erfaren chaufför hantera hjulen och gärna läsa en bra bok och koppla av från baksätet på bilen.

Vi hjälper våra kunder anländer till sin destination stressfri som våra chaufförer anländer i tid och i planerad för att plocka upp dig. Tokyo MK Taxi anser att för att leverera en utmärkt service, det bör börja med en chaufför som tidigt för klienten pick-up, allt sedan följer enligt plan. De arbetar outtröttligt för att skapa en utmärkt service som kommer att lämna dig avslappnad och utan bekymmer som vår chaufför kommer att slutföra sitt ansvar till bäst av sina kunskaper. Tokyo MK Taxi har Lexus grupp entusiaster limo alternativ som LS600hL och Lexus LS460. Dessutom finns det andra typer av fordon för alla olika gruppstorlekar och resebehov som Mercedes Benz S500L, Toyota Hiace, BMW ActiveHybrid 7 L, Toyota Alphard, Nissan Fuga Hybrid och Toyota Crown Royal Saloon. Från limousiner till taxi, kan du räkna med vår tjänst.

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